Our modern world and style of living is not always very easy for our dogs or for us as dog owners. Today we frequently live with our dogs in very crowded environments which can combine much hectic and stress with the high expectations of our society.

Dog behaviour problems can often develop into a nightmare. They are very frustrating as well as stressful for the owner. They can also destroy relationships not only between people and their dogs but also between the owner and their surroundings.

Behavioural problems can have a health or genetic background or be related to the dog’s life experiences and situations that have led to wrong associations. Question: How many dogs out there have learnt a wrong association because they accidently touched an electric fence or experienced something that caused them pain?

Common behavioural problems that I handle in my practice include:
 Aggression-related issues directed towards people and other dogs
Toileting and house-soiling issues
Excessive barking and whining
Fear and anxiety problems related to noise, strangers, family members, places, objects etc.
Separation-related problems
Training problems
Destructive behaviour

Please note that behavioural problems are easier to deal with when they are caught early.
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