Cats are beautiful and complex creatures. Many behavioural problems expressed by our cats are a sign that they are not quite coping with our modern environment. Dense neighbourhood cat populations and other stress factors can cause problems, the reasons for which are not always immediately recognisable or obvious.

Common behavioural problems that I handle in my practice include:
 Toileting and house-soiling issues
Spraying and marking behaviour
Aggression-related issues directed towards people and other cats
Over-activity during the night
Destructive behaviour (furniture, carpets and other things)
Problems related to handling, grooming and care
Excessive coat grooming and self-mutilation problems
Eating of wool and other textiles
 Fear and anxiety problems related to noise, strangers, family members, places, objects etc.

Please note that behavioural problems are easier to deal with when they are caught early.
With "Bailey Behaviour" you will have more fun with your cat!

I am happy to advise you on the following:
 Cat friendly surroundings for your cat be it at home, on the balcony or in the garden
Introduction of a new cat
Advice for new cat owners
Preparing your cat for moving house
Preparing your cat for the arrival of a baby