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A visit to your vet

It is very important for me to be able to work together with the vet who is responsible for your animal. Therefore, it is essential that you visit your vet before our consultation. This is because behaviour problems can have a medical cause. Please ask your vet to check the health of your animal and to fill out my referral form. After our consultation I will send your vet a copy of the results and an outline of the behaviour modification programme for your animal. 

Referral Form


To gain an initial picture of the behavioural problem that you are experiencing,
I also ask you to complete and send me back a questionnaire before my visit.

My appraisal of the questionnaire will serve as preparation for our talk.


The consultation will be carried out at your home and will take approximately two hours. It is best when as many members of the family as possible are present for our talk as this allows us to examine the problem that you are experiencing from different angles.

To gain insight into the problem and its possible causes I will ask you many questions.  In the process I will utilise the current understanding of the ‘normal’ behavioural repertoire of your animal and how the animal learns and adapts to its surroundings. I will also question you about your animal’s current environment, its early-life experiences and consider possible influences of pain and disease.

It is important for me to clarify your expectations, desired level of involvement in the behaviour modification programme and the amount of time that you have available. Subsequently, I will suggest strategies to achieve changes and improvement in your animal’s behaviour.

I will also explain the problem from the perspective of your animal as this can help you understand the rationale behind the behaviour modification programme. Therapy programmes can include, for example, making changes to your animal’s surrounding as these may be having a negative effect on their behaviour.

Sometimes it is necessary to consider drug support and in such cases this will be discussed with you in detail and only implemented after consultation with your vet.


A few days after the consultation you will receive a report together with the animals individual behaviour modification programme. Also included are any additional information and handouts that you require. The report includes the most likely diagnosis for the behavioural problem, the possible motivations for it and the reason why it developed. A copy of the results will be sent to your vet.

The behaviour modification programme is compiled specifically for you and your animal. The treatment approach is always ethical and humane.

To make it easy to follow the programme will be divided into a series of smaller steps and it will take account of your lifestyle. The behaviour modification programme will be the most successful if you have enough time to invest in the therapy, if the plan is easy to follow and if you stay motivated!


Support will normally be provided by telephone or email.

Follow-up appointments (telephone, email, follow-up consultation) will be agreed upon during the first consultation and confirmed in the therapy plan.

Naturally, you can also contact me earlier if it is necessary and change the nature of the support at any time.

If it is necessary follow-up consultations are always available.