My fees range between CHF 45 and CHF 120 per hour.

I offer a wide range of services and my time and effort involved varies greatly.


Animal Care and Training
During periods of your absence I will look after your cat in their home environment. CHF 45 per hour.
If desired I can take your dog alone or with you on a social walk or undertake a training session with you both. CHF 45 to CHF 80 per hour.

Animal behaviour therapy, counselling and Tellington TTouch
Behaviour counselling involves the assessment of my questionnaire, the consultation, the production of the report as well as the behaviour modification programme and together this involves approximately 4 to 5 hours of work.
Depending on the species my costs range from CHF 80 to CHF 120 per hour.
Other counselling services and Tellington TTouch CHF 80 per hour.

Dog Owner Competence certificates (Sachkundenachweis, SKN)
Theory and practical courses are available for individuals and small groups upon request.

Discounts and travel costs
I offer various discounts to individuals as well as groups.
Travel costs are not included for distances up to 10 km.