Animal Care

My interest in the behaviour of animals and my special relationship with them has accompanied me throughout my entire life. If my time schedule allows I will happily look after your cat or walk your dog every once in a while.

Dog walks

I will gladly take your dog on a social walk. Together we will discover the world of your dog's senses as well as encourage mental stimulation and have fun.

Your dog will be lead according to its individual capabilities so that it can successfully meet the expectations of our society.


I will gladly take care of your cat(s) in their home environment during your holidays
or periods of short absence.

It is particularly important to me that the mental, emotional and physical well-being
of your cat is taken care of during this time. I will make sure that your cat not only gets
enough love and attention but also that it is mentally stimulated and has possibilities to
engage in natural behaviours.

Using current knowledge of animal behaviour and learning theory I will teach your cat
useful life skills such as problem-solving. The training will encourage your cats' senses,
natural instincts and also their contentment.